Friday, September 30, 2016

Google My Business Offers Guidelines for Working With Local SEO's

The help section of Google My Business recently added a new page dedicated to working with third parties, namely local SEO's and search marketing providers. The focus of this new section, named Working with third-parties) is to provide business owners with guidelines when choosing to work with a local SEO company or consultant.

In the new section, Google states:

"While Google My Business is free, third-parties often charge a fee to manage your listing. They can provide valuable services like keeping your listing up-to-date, providing you with customer insights, answering your questions, and responding to reviews. It’s important to understand the benefits you may be getting from a third-party so you can evaluate whether you’re getting the best return on your investment."

Google also outlines various "best practices" on how to work with a third-party search marketer or local SEO provider. These include:

  • Being selective
  • Working with one at a time
  • Educating yourself
  • Trusting experience
  • Evaluating your performance

Lastly, Google shares some insights surrounding deceptive behavior, mentioning that although "Many third-parties represent the best interests of their clients... some third-parties are less reputable." The red flags that might indicate deceptive behavior include:

  • Not being transparent
  • Guaranteeing placement on Google 
  • Claiming to work for Google
  • Making threats
  • Deceptive pricing

For a complete overview Google My Business guidelines for working with local SEO's, see the screenshot below of the new section (source from Search Engine Roundtable.

Get the full scoop by clicking here or check out the Google Maps Help Center for more information about Google My Business and Google Maps marketing.


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