Friday, September 16, 2016

Google Includes Ride-Hailers Gett & Lyft to Google Maps App

Google recently announced that it plans to include U.S. ride-hailing brands Gett and Lyft to its mapping service.

Google Maps

The Google Maps app now has ride-hailing services Gett and Lyft (alongside Uber who's been in the system since 2014.) The intention of this move is to provide users with more options beyond Uber and other transportation options, like driving, public transit, walking, etc. The app will show pick-up times, fare estimates, and (expected lower fares depending on brand and pick up time.)

Google Maps Gett Lyft
A snapshot courtese of the official Google Maps blog.

Google & Uber Continue to Evolve

Meanwhile, Uber has hinted to have its own mapping service under construction whilst Google is rumored to be establishing its own ride-hailing network.

Google Maps previously made Gett available for users in the U.K. Now this brand will be competing in the U.S. Currently, Gett is only available in New York.

Additions to Google Maps

A button is now available in the Google Maps App to to order a ride from Gett, Lyft, or Uber. Users can compare fares and hail the nearest ride available on the App. From there, a ride can be selected and the App will redirect users to the corresponding mobile app per ride-hailing service.

Overall, the new addition to Google Maps offers a seamless and immediately request for a ride, and now at more competitive fares.

Marketing Beyond Google Maps

According to an Uber spokeswoman, the rules for independent outside developers do not apply, as Google has formed a partnership with the software company similar to what Facebook had done previously.

However, Google Maps may soon retire Uber as the company is reportedly hashing over a $500 million investment to develop its own mapping system, lessening its need to depend on the Google Maps app, Science World Report said.

Lyft shared a similar explanation, but declined to comment on whether the company has financial ties to Google. Citymapper, similar app that also provides pick-up times and fare estimates for Uber and Lyft, is presumably forming a relationship with them as well.

The updates for Gett and Lyft are currently available iniOS and Android versions of the Google Maps App. These new players are expected to make it more efficient and cost-effective to travel. It also provides an incredible marketing opportunity for Lyft and Gett.

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